Kelettira Ankita Poovaiah is an IT professional working in Bangalore. Her hobbies include baking and cooking, especially non-vegetarian Kodava cuisine. Ankita is proud to have inherited these interests from her grandmother Balliamanda Kammavva. She shares two recipes – a mango pachadi, and a coffee pudding.

Mango Pachadi


1 fully ripe mango

½ coconut

½ tsp mustard

5 cloves garlic

½ inch ginger

5 green chillis

1 tomato

1 onion

1 strand curry leaves

3 strands coriander leaves

3 tablespoons curd

For tempering:


1 tbsp oil

1/2 tsp mustard


Grind coconut and mustard to a coarse paste.

Then add green chilli, onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, and coriander leaves. Grind this mixture for a minute

Add ripe mango pieces and grind for 7-8 seconds

For tempering , heat the oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and curry leaves and fry for one to two minutes.

Turn off the flame, then add the above ground mixture.

Add curd and garnish with ripe mango pieces.






1 cup milk

3 eggs

1 tsp coffee powder

5 tsp sugar

1 tsp butter


For caramel:

3 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp water

Method :

Heat milk and sugar in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil, then add the coffee powder.

Beat the eggs.

Mix the milk mixture (after it is cool) and eggs, and whisk for a while.

For caramel, heat a pan, add sugar and stir till golden in colour. Add water and stir.

To set the pudding, grease a bowl with butter and add the caramel. Pour in the milk and egg mixture.

Cover with foil and steam for 15 -20 minutes.

With a knife, release the sides of the pudding and remove to a pudding plate. Garnish with coffee powder if required. Keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes  before serving.



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