Baale Kaamb Pajji (Banana Stem Chutney)

Palekanda Tara Bopaiahtara

Palekanda Tara Bopaiah is a well-known beautician of Mysore. She has also given a television programme on cookery.

Baale Kaamb Pajji (Banana Stem Chutney)


Banana stem 12” length: one piece ,
Coconut scrapings: one cup ,
Chopped onion: one medium size ,
Garlic: six cloves ,
Greenchillies: four ,
Jeera: one tsp ,
Lemon juice: one tbsp ,
Oil: two tbsp ,
Salt: To taste ,


Mustard: half tsp ,
Chopped onion: one small size ,
Chopped garlic: four cloves
Curry leaves: six to eight ,
Dry chillies: Two ,


Wash the banana stem and remove the hard outer layers. Cut the soft stem into round circles. While cutting the stem see that the thread like fibers are removed. These can be removed with a small stick. Now, chop the round stem into small pieces and soak them in water for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat one tbsp oil and fry chopped onions, chopped garlic, green chillies, jeera together for five minutes. Add strained chopped banana stem and fry for ten minutes on medium flame. Add coconut scrapings and roast until little brownish. Grind all these ingredients. Add salt to taste. Season the chutney paste and add lemon juice.

Baale Kaamb Chutney goes well with akki otti (rice roti) or chappathis.

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