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    July 30, 2015 at 6:39 am

    Shalini, as a kid, I used to enjoy hunting for wild mushroom. The picture used by you in your Kummu Curry recipe featured on http://www.www.coorgrecipes.com is known in Coorg by the name ‘Alandhi Kummu’.

    Invariably, these mushrooms were found near anthills. I used to be scared of picking up the mushrooms because I was told the anthills were infested with snakes. We used to pluck these mushrooms in large numbers, sometimes basketsful.

    It was being said that the mushrooms would spring up in the same place and time exactly after one year. Not sure if it was true.

    There was another variety of wild mushroom I was fond of. It was called ‘Kode Kummu’. Kode in Kodava Thak means umbrella and these mushrooms resembled an umbrella. Normally, these were solitary mushrooms, not meant for a curry, but to be roasted (chutta kummu) on hot coals after sprinkling with a little chilli powder, salt and a squeeze of lime.

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