Ravae Oondae


Mrs NELLAMAKADA THULSI BOPANNA is a social worker of Mysore. Ravae Oondae (soji ball) is a popular teatime snack in Coorg homes.



[a] 2cups fine suji [ravae] ,
[b] 1cup sugar –powdered ,
[c] 1 cup grated coconut or copra ,
[d] 1/4 cup ghee ,
[e] 3/4 cup or a little less hot milk ,
[f] 1 tsp cardamom powder ,
[g] 20 cashew nuts broken into two and 40 raisins washed and dried ,


Roast suji [without ghee] in a pan till light brown. Put it into a large plate. Pour the ghee into the pan and fry cashew nuts and raisins. When they are done take them out. Put the suji into the ghee and fry for a few minutes. Take the suji and put back in the plate. Put coconut scrapings into the pan and fry till brown. Put the sugar powder and stir for 1/2 a minute. Mix everything together in the plate, add cardamom powder, sprinkle hot milk and mix everything together and make them into balls.

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